Monday, November 1, 2010

Ready, Set... WRITE!

Happy November!  And Happy NaNoWriMo If you're participating, I want to be your NaNo buddy, so leave your screen name in the comments.  (I'm hannachoward, and here's a link to my NaNo profile if you want to be my buddy, too.)

Anyone want to share what they're writing about?  I'm retelling Sleeping Beauty, and my goal is to be as ludicrous and silly as possible.

Happy Writing!  And assuming everyone will be rather scarce in the online world this month, I'll see you in December!

[If you want some help from a NaNoWriMo desktop calendar that plots your daily wordcount goals, visit these awesome links:  Nomadic Writer, Steampunk Wallpaper, Shattered by Rain, LeftNWrite.]