"The Cow Milker" in Knowonder! Magazine (page 34)
 (Raina is a servant who milks the royal cows.  But when she finds an injured stranger in the forest, all that starts the change...)

"Ruby Riding Hood" in YARN (The Young Adult Review Network)
(Ruby Ridingood hates the fact that her bright red hair causes everyone to call her Red.  She also hates the way her grandmother is always making her cook things, like she's testing her.  But more than anything, Ruby hates the strange red cloak Granny gave her for her birthday, which makes her skin crawl, and feels almost as if it is alive.  Can she, with the help of her pet wolf, escape the unsettling doom that awaits her?)

Author interview on Ana Mardoll's blog.

BEAUTIFUL MONSTER quarterfinalist excerpt on for the 2011 ABNA Breakthrough Novel Awards.

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