Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pilot. (Or, more appropriately, Prologue.)

I've never been opposed to the idea of blogging. However, like Twitter (which I recently joined in a rapturous, drooling-fan sort of way to follow J.K. Rowling), it has always struck me as somewhat not-for-me. But I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't... actually. Especially with the realization that my intended profession is beginning to operate very internetly (of course it's a word), and puts a lot of stock in these electronic modes of social networking.

So the conclusion is: I'm blogging now, to no specific end, as one might take up spelunking or scrapbooking without any clear idea of whether one will really need it in the long-run.

But isn't that just how life is? (Insert pensive sigh.)

In any event, welcome to my life, or my Life in Words. And so long for now, dear Reader, because it is nearly ten a.m., and Ophelia still hasn't had her morning walk. She's getting yellow eyes, as my father would say.

Until next time, when we begin chapter one.

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