Monday, July 26, 2010

You (And Your Main Character) Are Invited to a Party!

Guess where I've been?

(Okay, this doesn't account for an entire month's lull in my blogging endeavors, but it does explain a good deal of it.)

I've been in Chautauqua, NY at the Highlights Foundation 2010 Writer's Workshop!

Yeah, it was super fun. And also brimming with glittering gold-nuggets of information. After I've processed and organized all those gold-nuggets, I intend to share them with you. One by one, nugget by brilliant nugget.

But not yet.

Because just now I want to invite you to a Character Party.

What the bloody blazes, you may ask, is a Character Party? I'm glad you asked. A Character Party is sort of like a Blogfest, except that the sharing happens on this blog--prepared in advance--rather than everywhere at once. It is a virtual cocktail party for book characters. In short, it is an opportunity for you to shamelessly pimp your novel.

If you'd like to participate, here's what you should do:

Copy and paste the following questions into your email, along with whatever answers are appropriate to the character you are sending to the party. (Main Characters are anticipated, but if you'd rather send a supporting or minor character, you're welcome to do that as well.) Then email your answers, along with a picture you think represents your character, to hanna.c.howard(at)

Author's Name:
Book Title and Genre:
Status (Ie., Published, Agented, Looking for Representation, Incomplete, etc.):

Distinguishing Characteristics:
Beverage of Choice at the Party:
Three Favorite Things:
Currently Busy Doing:

I will post all the participating characters in an entry on Thursday, 7/29. Then, you can come mingle with other characters and and authors at the party!

But don't forget to comment on the characters you like--either here, or on the authors' respective blogs. That's the only rule. Because we want to know when our characters are well-received. They are, after all, very like our children.

If you'd like to participate, please send your character information to me no later than Wednesday 7/28 at 11:59 pm. (Okay, I'd accept midnight, too. But you get the idea.)
Oh, and one other thing. If you decide to come to the party, spread the invitation around. You don't get bonus points or lots of free drinks if you Tweet or Blog about it, but you will receive my sincerest e-love.

See you on Thursday! (Any questions? Leave them in the comments.)


  1. Very fun, Hanna! Can I participate even though I'm only two chapters in?

  2. What a great party. I like your thinking. I'll see what I can do. ;)

  3. Nicole: Yes! Definitely, you can participate! This party is non-discriminatory.

    Elaine: Thanks! I'm excited to meet your MC.

  4. Wow! That sounds like so much fun. What a great idea. I've never been to a party like this before.

  5. Eek, I was away and missed it! Let me know the next time you are having a part-ay.

    Struggling Authors

  6. Richard,
    Sorry you missed it! We'll have to do it again sometime. Thanks for stopping by!