Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, do come in! Welcome to the Party!

Welcome to the Character Party!  Feel free to mingle with the guests--who include a wide range of folks--and comment on the ones you like.  There is no popularity contest today, but all the same, let these authors know if they've created  a character than grabs you.  And don't forget to visit their blogs!

Cheers!  Let the party begin...

Author's Name: A. Grey
Book Title and Genre: Evernow, Dystopian YA
Publishing Status:  Looking for representation.

Name: Evernow
Origin: The deep south.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Slow southern drawl which belies her quick temper, dangerous capabilities  and militant stubbornness, auburn hair that grows continually, reaching her knees, metal-splinted fingers and frank honesty about any subject.
Wearing: Moccasins, buckskins, loincloth, and tunic... do weapons count?  Never without a bow and knives.
Beverage of Choice at the Party: Water
Three Favorite Things:  The Wild, the Fey, her own independence. 
Job/Occupation: Staying alive in a post-apocalyptic world where humans and fey are constantly trying to kill each other.
Currently Busy Doing: Struggling for peace between humans, and Fey in the aforementioned post-apocalyptic world, and maybe finding love along the way... 

Author's Name: Amie McCracken
Book Title and Genre: Her Daughter, Literature
Publishing Status: Incomplete

Name: Liza
Origin: Caucasian American, New York
Distinguishing Characteristics: Short, quiet, unremarkable for anything and therefore typically not remembered,
Wearing: Baggy jeans and a cute t-shirt covered by a sweatshirt from her college, NYU.
Beverage of Choice at the Party: Coke, she wouldn't touch alcohol unless her parents are around to stress her out.
Three Favorite Things: Reading, Central Park, coffee.
Job/Occupation: Writer.
Currently Busy Doing: School, she usually takes 21 credit hours if not more.

Author's Name: Melissa Gill
Book Title and Genre: Zombie Rabbit MG Adventure
Publishing Status: Looking for Representation

Milo Thimbleberry
Distinguishing Characteristics: One of
Milo’s eyeballs is hanging out and he has several large holes on his body. (I hope no one minds a few maggots.)
Milo’s a wild rabbit, he’s no Edward Tulane or Peter Cottontail.  He’ll be coming in the all together.
Beverage of Choice at the Party: Dandilion tea would be delightful.
Three Favorite Things: Sleeping, napping, and day dreaming.
Milo is a layabout rabbit on a quest to liberate an animal testing lab.
Currently Busy Doing: Just waiting for this party to start. I might need a nap while I’m waiting. It’s been a long day saving the world. 

Author's Name: Nicole
Book Title and Genre: Anabel & Paul (working)
Publishing Status: Incomplete

Name: Charlie Walsh
Origin: Suburbia Somewhere
Distinguishing Characteristics: Blonde. Short, but well built. Sarcastic and funny, but is too sweet for his own good. Always putting everyone else before himself. The lack of recognition, though, does get to him.
Wearing: Hoodie, torn jeans and converse.
Beverage of Choice at the Party: Beer.
Three Favorite Things: Girls, family, pot.
Job/Occupation: Elementary school teacher; kindergarten.
Currently Busy Doing: Running interference for Ana & Paul. Trying to find his own identity outside of his sister (Ana) & his best friend's (Paul) promising but now doomed relationship that has been a part of his life since they were all kids.

Author's Name: A. Grey
Book Title and Genre: Amarok and the Gone Missing Girl, YA
Publishing Status:
First draft finished, transcribing to computer now.

Ansel Eben Whitetree
Alaskan, Athabaskan Indian
Distinguishing Characteristics:  
Most obviously, his albinism, ice blue eyes, hip-length white hair.
Wearing: Comfortable jeans and a flannel.
Beverage of Choice at the Party:
Three Favorite Things:
Restoring books, fairy tales, Catskin, the girl he knows nothing about and loves anyway.
Restoring old books, helping out behind the scenes at his parents' bookstore, Pipe Dream.
Currently Busy Doing:  
Trying to help Catskin recover mentally and emotionally from a trauma he doesn't understand because she won't tell him anything about herself, like what happened, where she came from, and what her real name is.


Author's Name: Hanna C. Howard
Book Title and Genre: Beautiful Monster, formerly known as Ephemeral. YA fairy tale.
Publishing Status:
Seeking representation.
The countryside of 1890s France.
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Her waist-length dark ringlets, sapphire-blue eyes, porcelain complexion... in short, her absolute physical perfection, which she would rather people didn't notice.  She'd much rather them notice her wit, or her sarcasm, or her loyalty.  Anything that would make them see her as a living, breathing person---and not a decoration.
Beverage of Choice at the Party:
Red wine, from a glass goblet.
Three Favorite Things:
Books, gardens, and the enchanted diary a gypsy once gave her.
Trying to keep up the facade to her family that she is dead (while she lives on in a strange utopia with a cursed, beastly-looking young man) so that her ex-betrothed won't come blundering around to find her.
Currently Busy Doing: 
Trying to unpuzzle the many enigmatic details of Rene's (the cursed young man) past, while she also attempts to work out the meaning of the strange diary--and simultaneously wrestles with feelings she never intended to have for the persistently mysterious, disfigured Rene.



  1. Melissa - I love zombies! And I love rabbits! Therefore - I'm freaking obsessed with Milo.

    You all are so creative and wonderful. I love all your characters!

  2. Yseult-
    I know how it feels to be judged on your appearance. People usually run screaming from me if I don't "play dead". Oh well, it's what's on the inside that counts (except the maggots/I don't count them, but you know what I mean.)
    -Milo Thimbleberry

    I'm rather a fan of albinism myself. Nothing like a white rabbit with red eyes to get a fellow blood going. And restoring old books, well Melissa says that's really really cool. I'm a rabbit, so I'm not sure what she's talking about, but she's really acting foolish about it so it must be a good thing.
    -Milo Thimbleberry

    I wish you had been my kindergarten teacher. I might have learned something, and not gotten myself into my present predicament. But dude, lay off the pot, really it makes your brain all sticky. (or maybe that's maggots, I don't know, I'm just saying.)
    -Milo Thimbleberry

    You are seriously not getting enough sleep girl. 21 hours. I find napping an integral part of life and death for that matter.
    -Milo Thimbleberry

    Love your name, I mean really love it. Melissa is going crazy over it too. But I'm a little scared of you. All the talk about hunting makes me feel like Bambi's mother. I'm sure those aren't rabbit lined moccasins are they? But here's the deal, Zombie's aren't for eating. No way no how. So can we be friends?
    -Milo Thimbleberry

    Thanks for the great party, Milo obviously needs to get out more. I can't shut him up.
    -Melissa Gill

  3. Hi! Ansel here. I volunteered to talk to everyone because Artemis thought it'd be good practice for me since I'm not much into meeting new people. Evernow sends her regards... she was going to head out on a tongar hunt as soon as she perused the other guests...

    Liza: What do you write? Catskin writes too, which is handy since my parents own a bookstore. 21 credit hours! College would have been interesting... but like I said I'm not all that into meeting people though.

    Milo: You are one cool rabbit! I heart zombies. In fact, my wolf-dog is named Zombie. Now, my brother's lynx, Creeper, you'd have to stop napping and run from her... but I'll let you know if I see her coming. Oh, and I can promise you that you don't have to worry about Evernow. She's game to hunt most anything, but a zombie rabbit would be totally safe from her as she's a great defender of anything unique. I'll tell her you love her name, she'll be flattered, even if she won't admit it.

    Charlie: You sound like a pretty laid back guy. My brother Ethan would dig hanging with you. You could talk girls and what it's like to try and sort out family craziness. Eth would know since he's dealt with my family all his life.

    Yseult: You have got to meet my Catskin. She would adore you! I'm sort of taken with you myself... but then I've always had a penchant for fairy tales, hence Catskin's nickname of Catskin. My friend Sheva would love you too. She's all about wit, sarcasm and loyalty and intrigue...

    Thanks again everyone,

    Thanks Ans you did great with that. I told you you'd do fine. Nice to meet you everyone! I tried to get Evernow to leave off skinning the tongar she and Elliaer got and come say hi, but she was up to her elbows in, well, tongar parts, and just wanted me to tell you she sends her wary regards. Thanks Hanna for hosting the party! Great idea!


  4. Wow, I'm feeling one-upped by the whole thing after reading the comments. Hee hee, *nervous blush*.

    Evermore, you are my hero. If only I could be more like you...

    Milo, I'll drink dandelion tea with you anytime. Only, I might have to do it with a blindfold and a clothespin...I'm not much into zombies, sorry.

    Charlie, you sound exactly like my boyfriend - minus the pot. I agree with Milo on that one.

    Ansel, books I love books. I write fiction, sort of. Haven't finished a book yet, but I'm working on it! Make sure that girl respects you at some point enough to tell you sound like a nice guy, don't fall for the not-so-nice girl.

    Yseult, we've already met and you know I love you. But lovely new story name and what about this diary? You haven't told me anything about that!

    - Liza

  5. P.S. Sorry, but Liza can't show her face just yet...

  6. Very fun! And I love the pictures, I'm not one much for visualizing characters when I read, so it's nice to see what the author sees.

  7. Hello, all. Hanna sent me in her place today, because she and I have been spending far too much time together of late--and frankly, I think she wants some time away from me. *Winks*

    Evernow: I love your name, too. But I'm afraid I can't much sympathize with your desire to kill tongars... mostly because I haven't a clue what they are. Still, glad you could drop by for a while. Best of luck with your, eh, entrails.

    Liza: Ah, I know. We need to talk. So much has changed since I saw you last. But we'll worry about that later. I'm just glad you could come today. I love being around you.

    Milo: I must confess: I've never had any zombie-rabbit friends before. Honestly, I don't think they're terribly common in France. But you really have won me over. Apart from the maggots, that is...

    Charlie: Oh, you're a rare species; sweet men are so hard to come by, you know. I'm very glad you could join the party. You would get along famously with my brother, Ciel, and with my maybe-true-love, Rene.

    Ansel: You'll never believe this, but I have a brother named Ansel! You're nothing like him, though--and believe me, I mean that as a compliment. I'd love to meet this Catskin sometime. But I agree with Liza: make sure she's good to you. You deserve it.

    Thanks again, everyone, for coming! Drink up your beverage of choice... here's to your future successes--all of you! CHEERS!


  8. Milo & Liza - I'm toning it down. I'm trying to grow up, you know? Be a man. All that. Growing up - that's all Paul and I did. And Ana hates it, so it was always that one thing we still shared. But, Paul hasn't been the same since his dad died and I think I'm finally ready to get my own life.

    Ansel - I'm laid back, yeah. I have to be. Tell me more about Catskin. How'd she hook you so easily?

    Artemis - tell Evernow I have no idea what a tongar is, but I'd like to find out.

    Yseult - I like witty girls.

  9. Alright fine I stopped in, okay? *grumbles* I'm just not so into large groups of people, you know? I mean with all that went on after the Endings, I had sort of an overkill of human companionship... I prefer the Wood, thanks.

    You all seem like reasonable, respectable people.

    Liza: Don't forget that there's a wide world out there BEYOND your books and studies... information is useless unless you apply it to the world around you. I admit, I might have liked college... but the world ended, so that took a back seat.

    Milo: You are a dear dear thing and you may play with my raven companion, Brother, and me any time you like. There's a beautiful silver oak where I live that we can picnic under and Saagriel the Shuuen'uae cook I know will brew us the best dandelion tea you've ever had.

    Charlie: I'm pretty hard on guys. I think I'd like you... except for the pot thing... men on drugs never seem to make good choices in the moment of need. I hope you're different.

    Yseut: I love you name... even if I can't pronounce it. You should come explore the Wood with me. And I'd like to hear more about this Rene man, he seems interesting. I like witty, and I'll be happy to get rid of your ex-betrothed for you... just point him out.

    Oh, and since everyone seems concerned about the tongar. They're like a rhino crossed with a wild boar. We get enough meat from them to last months, as well as leather for goods, and they can kill you easily so it's a fair fight. And another thing, Catskin's a good girl. Wild in her own right. She and Ansel found each other in their own little fairy tale story. I'd stand by both of them.


  10. Hee hee, I'm having so much fun at the party, and I'm a little bit drunk on the dandilion tea, so Melissa's a bit worried about what I might say, but she's not the boss of me, so there.

    Ansel, brother, you're the man. If the lynx doesn't like fresh meat, I'll be fine. But I wouldn't mind snuggling up with Evernow for protection. And what about this Catskin? She sounds like something my buddy Mister Lister might like.

    Oh Melissa, shut your pie hole, Bonnie's not here and she's not the jealous type anyway.

    Amie- I'm never put off by nose plugs or blindfolds. But life will be easier when I reach that lovely petrified state. You should have seen me before I was zombified. I was quite cuddly. Oh well. But one thing I learned from getting mowed down by a truck when I was only two years old. Life's too short. Get out there and LIVE.

    Hey JEM- you have Melissa's absolutely favorite animal as your avatar. So cool. Panda's are another thing I've only heard of, but never seen in my neck of the woods, but who knows, maybe someday Melissa will take me to China.

    Yseult- I hear they eat a lot of rabbit in France, so you know... Gotta lay low. But the maggots are totally trained. They can even do a really swanky fox trot.

    Milo hic' Thimbleberry (must lay off the dandilion tea)

  11. Um, hello. I'm Catskin. Ansel said that some nice people he'd met wanted to meet me too. Ethan overheard and called me scaredy-Cat, and I slapped him with the spatula (I was cooking...) so then I sort of had to come say hello. I mean, otherwise I'll never live it down. Eth will carry around a spatula for days going on about how wounded he is, and that it was all for naught because I WAS a scaredy-Cat, since I didn't say hello, and anyway, it won't happen if I do say hello. So hello.

    Liza: You sound really quiet and smart. Like you know a lot more about what goes on around you than everyone thinks. Are you single? My brother Hugh is in law school and he's keen to think he knows it all. Trouble is, he does know a lot. So he needs a girl who can keep him in place but isn't too over the top because inside, he's a great softy.

    Mr. Milo Thimbleberry: I'm sure that you're the most charming zombie rabbit I've ever heard of... as well as the only zombie rabbit I've ever heard of. I'd love to sip dandelion tea with you! We could have some willow bark too. That's what Ansel gave me when we first met because I had an awful fever from a laceration on my ankle and willow bark is good for brining down fevers. And I'll protect you from Creeper! I've sort of spoiled her since I got here anyway... she's accustomed to food on a plate now.

    Charlie: Be careful with your sweetness! It makes you special but if you let other people use it or abuse it you'll only end up miserable. I know, because I spent the whole first half of my life making everyone else happy. Then when, IT, happened and I snapped, and could never go back to being the docile little pet they saw me as, it tore my family apart, which is how I ended up lost, injured and broken on the inside when Ansel found me.

    Yseult: You're wonderful! I know what it feels like to want to be seen as who you are instead of what you are. You're Rene sounds like he's as special as my Ansel. We're lucky to have found the two of them. I'd love to see this utopia where you live. Alaska is its own sort of strange utopia that bites sometimes. I'd like to know more of Rene's 'disfiguration' do you know that some of my beautiful Ansel's extended family think he's possessed because of his albinism? How silly is that?

    Hmmm, I talked a lot more than I thought I would. I guess Ansel was right. I was ready to do this. I'm reminded of why my heart picked him to save me...

  12. Hey guys! I just wanted to say THANKS!! for making this party so fun--and such a success. I think it's good for our characters to get some fresh air every once and a while... obviously, *they* enjoyed it. ;)

    Well done, everyone. And thanks again.


  13. Thank YOU Hanna! That was redonkulously fun! We muct do it again some time!

  14. Shoot... the smoothie froze my brain while I was proof reading and I missed the 'must' typo... oh well, you knowed what I meant... :)

  15. i whis Name: Ansel Eben Whitetree was real i wanna date him :-)omg he is beautiful